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AllInAt420 - WSOP - Stout's 2011 WSOP Package (+ Bellagio n Venetian)

Tournament information
Registered As: Matt "All In At 420" Stout
Buyin $80,080 ($USD)
Tournament ID:
Start Date: 03 Jun 2011 05:00 (EST)
03 Jun 2011 02:00 (US/Pacific) Preview
finished - 10 years ago
Share details
$11.00 per share (0.01%)
price/value 137%
Shares Available? 43 (0.43%)
Shares sold 1957 (19.57%)
Player share 80%
Player payment options ChipMeUp $
Share Graph Event 100648
Event Results
Number of Players: 6,969
Finishing Position: 420
Cash Winnings: $101,155
Winnings per share: $10.12 Return on Investment: -8.00%
Results Entered: 20 Jul 2011 02:11


All events are WSOP events unless otherwise noted.
Event 4 - No-Limit Hold'em Jun 02 $5,000
Event 7 - Pot-Limit Hold'em Championship Jun 03 $10,000
Event 13 - NL Shootout Jun 08   $1,500
Event 14 - Limit Hold'em Jun 08 $3,000
Event 18 - No-Limit Hold'em Jun 11 $1,500
Event 19 - Limit Hold'em Six Handed Jun 11 $2,500
Event 24 - No-Limit Hold'em Shootout 2,000max Jun 14 $5,000
Event 26 - No-Limit Hold'em / Six Handed Jun 15 $2,500
Event 28 - No Limit Hold'em Jun 16 $1,500
Event 38 - NL Hold'em Jun 22 $1,500
Event 39 - Pot-Limit Hold'em/Omaha Jun 22 $2,500
Event 40 - No-Limit Hold'em Six Handed Jun 23 $5,000
Event 46 - No-Limit Hold'em Six Handed Championship Jun 27 $10,000
Event 48 - No-Limit Hold'em Jun 28 $1,500
Event 50 - No-Limit Hold'em Triple Chance Jun 29 $5,000
Total amount of buy ins = $80,080
I'm Matt Stout in real life, MattStout on Lock Poker, and WAS All In At 420 on Tilt/All_in_at420 on Stars.
Obviously there will be overlap and I'll miss some events because I'm still in another, in which case your purchase price (including markup of course) will be refunded to you at the end of the summer along with your share of the winnings.
I'll be playing the WSOP Main Event and some prelims for my backers (Sheets/Bax), which is why they're not listed. I've included all events I'm not backed for. 
I always update Facebook and Twitter every break during live tournaments anyway, and will of course use it to keep investors informed throughout the summer.

Too many shares to show pie chart.

Buyer Number of stakes Percentage Status Action
open43 (0.01% each)0.43%open
 430.43%unsoldEvent Complete
angelos29 [profile]10.01%paid out 
ChickenKD [profile]50.05%paid out 
cristian10 [profile]20.02%paid out 
daGrumpf [profile]10.01%paid out 
dallolama [profile]50.05%paid out 
Dark_Matter_13 [profile]10.01%paid out 
Dazwhite [profile]10.01%paid out 
DwayneStacey [profile]100.1%paid out 
Hamozi [profile]50.05%paid out 
hateraises [profile]200.2%paid out 
havenrl [profile]10.01%paid out 
hyroman [profile]50.05%paid out 
Illbill87 [profile]500.5%paid out 
keiron9000 [profile]260.26%paid out 
kickyourace [profile]20.02%paid out 
kwokkie [profile]10.01%paid out 
lawson47 [profile]10.01%paid out 
Luckbox1608 [profile]100.1%paid out 
LuckBoxx [profile]410.41%paid out 
mave [profile]70.07%paid out 
mayrogata [profile]50.05%paid out 
MDMWINS [profile]10.01%paid out 
MisterC [profile]100.1%paid out 
paramedic156 [profile]200.2%paid out 
Raymond1976 [profile]20.02%paid out 
Recalcitrant [profile]10.01%paid out 
Rimmo [profile]40.04%paid out 
RTKabuto [profile]10.01%paid out 
rumNrasin [profile]30.03%paid out 
sjako [profile]40.04%paid out 
stolkstefan [profile]20.02%paid out 
TheNicht [profile]50.05%paid out 
timoros [profile]30.03%paid out 
zzman24offsuit [profile]10.01%paid out 
257/300 sold 
Player share - AllInAt420 [profile]80%Unavailable 


pokerproplaya08 (10 years ago - 22 May 2011 04:20 UTC)

ill see you in a cpl weeks bud, might just take some via cash in vegas, but might get some $ on here.

Either way, I’ll call you when I touch down

AllInAt420 (10 years ago - 22 May 2011 20:22 UTC)

Cool PPP08…text me if u wanna reserve tho. I know it looks like I have a lot of shares here that need to be sold but I’ll be able to get rid of them pretty quickly privately if I end up needing to, so there probably won’t be any action left by the time u get to Vegas.

pokerproplaya08 (10 years ago - 23 May 2011 21:41 UTC)

yeah, i just gotta do a lot of collecting when I get to Vegas from people who took my action too so, when I get that all sorted out, or I know exactly what’s in my budget to spend freely, I’ll give you a text n we can go from there.

One too many nights at Tootsies GG’d my broll LoL

fun times tho with all the HS regs tho!

AllInAt420 (10 years ago - 24 May 2011 00:07 UTC)


DwayneStacey (10 years ago - 26 May 2011 19:32 UTC)

Whats the score on TAX?

AllInAt420 (10 years ago - 26 May 2011 20:47 UTC)


AllInAt420 (10 years ago - 30 May 2011 22:26 UTC)

650 of the shares have been reserved for people paying by other means. I’ve reserved shares for these purchases before, but can’t seem to figure out how to do it. Right now it says there are 778 shares left, but there are really only 128. If anyone attempts to purchase any of the final 650 shares before I can get in touch with the people at CMU to list them as reserved for me I will have to issue refunds.

Thanks for buying, guys! gl

Raymond1976 (10 years ago - 02 Jun 2011 18:17 UTC)

GL and have Fun !!!

Raymond1976 (10 years ago - 02 Jun 2011 18:26 UTC)

1 of my 2 shares is for Ryanhoffman22 GL to us ALL .

hateraises (10 years ago - 04 Jun 2011 12:49 UTC)

Stout can you accept my facebook request so I can get updates plz :) (steve mitakidis)

Luckbox1608 (10 years ago - 06 Jun 2011 09:46 UTC)

same for me (fabian hupe) pls

RTKabuto (10 years ago - 08 Jun 2011 06:18 UTC)

damn too bad the one he’s doing decent in he didn’t include in this one (it’s down to 32 players in 10… )

sjako (10 years ago - 08 Jun 2011 13:57 UTC)

Crap his deeprun one is not listed…

kickyourace (10 years ago - 10 Jun 2011 15:45 UTC)

Happens. Wish him well and hope for another nice run.

DwayneStacey (10 years ago - 10 Jun 2011 20:29 UTC)

Whats the score about tax?
Are you subject to tax on your winnings?
If you are, then is it being taken out before winnings are paid, or is the tax responsibility going to be passed onto us?

AllInAt420 (10 years ago - 10 Jun 2011 20:48 UTC)

Regarding the 1500 six-max event not being in the package, I did mention in the original post that “I’ll be playing the WSOP Main Event and some prelims for my backers (Sheets/Bax), which is why they’re not listed. I’ve included all events I’m not backed for.”

I am planning on winning one of the events in this package tho. =)

Regarding taxes, I’m American and therefore not subject to any tax witholdings at the cage. I will probably only go through the formality of writing up 1099 forms to transfer tax liability in cases where the person profits more than $1000 from their share. All I would need is name and social security number so that I could have my accountant prepare the forms. The person would then be able to write this profit off against their own gambling losses for the year.

RTKabuto (10 years ago - 11 Jun 2011 04:42 UTC)

oh no worries man I remember seeing bout th ones not listed… I was just saying you did awesome that time LoL. Give my best to Sheets/Bax

DwayneStacey (10 years ago - 12 Jun 2011 22:23 UTC)

Thank you for the reply Matt, best of luck for the rest of the series

AllInAt420 (10 years ago - 15 Jun 2011 08:25 UTC)

Thanks Dwayne and RTK.

Cashed event 18 for $3,153 and missed event 19 as a result, for those not following my updates on twitter and facebook.

AllInAt420 (10 years ago - 15 Jun 2011 08:26 UTC)

hateraises (10 years ago - 30 Jun 2011 13:13 UTC)

gl event 48!! TID

RlseTheKraken (10 years ago - 30 Jun 2011 14:54 UTC)

GL……………………………Today TID

mave (10 years ago - 30 Jun 2011 16:46 UTC)

go Matt!

SaulGudde (10 years ago - 01 Jul 2011 02:43 UTC)

SHIP! gl!

SaulGudde (10 years ago - 01 Jul 2011 03:05 UTC)

watch FT live

RTKabuto (10 years ago - 01 Jul 2011 04:38 UTC)

They’re down to 8 Left now

RTKabuto (10 years ago - 01 Jul 2011 04:52 UTC)

Such a cooler Matt… GG

matarip (10 years ago - 01 Jul 2011 09:48 UTC)

bigg shiippp

RlseTheKraken (10 years ago - 02 Jul 2011 14:03 UTC)

Well done Congrats……………GL in rest

romanianshark (10 years ago - 03 Jul 2011 02:43 UTC)

looking for a partner or backer … would like to play some cash games or tournaments at the RIO or CAESARS.
I willl play for a week straight you will see some great results . I need $2000 to start
will split profits. 50/50
email me. thanx

AllInAt420 (10 years ago - 03 Jul 2011 17:35 UTC)

romanianshark – please stop spamming. Mods, please remove post.

Thanks guys, def ran pretty gross at FT but played my best which is all I can do. Planning on shipping the Bellagio Cup main to make up for it tho. =)

Raymond1976 (10 years ago - 03 Jul 2011 19:45 UTC)

Goodluck Matt ;) TID

Luckbox1608 (10 years ago - 04 Jul 2011 09:11 UTC)

sounds like a plan :)

MDMWINS (10 years ago - 04 Jul 2011 21:23 UTC)

gl and congrats on the FT!!!!

AllInAt420 (10 years ago - 06 Jul 2011 07:20 UTC)

Quick update: I’ve cashed for $66,185 in $49,600 worth of buy ins. I missed WSOP events 19, 39, and 50 due to deep runs in other events for a total of $10,000 worth of missed buy ins that will be refunded with markup. Each $11 share is current worth $7.99 and there are $20,480 of events still remaining between the Venetian and the Bellagio Cup. Thanks for investing, everyone!

AllInAt420 (10 years ago - 08 Jul 2011 00:58 UTC)

Skipped the Venetian $1600 event since I didn’t realize it’s a 3-day event and it created a scheduling conflict for me, so that’ll be refunded as well.

AllInAt420 (10 years ago - 18 Jul 2011 20:13 UTC)

I’m about to enter the Bellagio $5k event, the last event of the package. They recently changed the event to be a re-entry event, so if you bust early you can buy back in. If that were the original plan I’d have put two entries in the package, but since I wasn’t able to I may re-enter the event under my backing deal with Sheets and Bax if I bust my first entry in this event. I just wanted to post prior to the event for full disclosure and clarity.

Luckbox1608 (10 years ago - 19 Jul 2011 09:14 UTC)

Am I right in understanding you busted the first (‘our’) entry and are now playing a second entry in which CMU has no stake? Just clarifying

Dark_Matter_13 (10 years ago - 19 Jul 2011 17:56 UTC)

If a rebuy is made then we get nothing – even if you go on to win? Why not structure it so that if rebuy is made w/ additional backing funds then the prize won would be split between backers sources 50/50 and then distributed appropriately per our individual stakes. This rebuy option adds a very different stategy to the game and with 1st buy-in the indiv hand risk would be a lot more easily taken w/ knowledge of knowing you can buy right back in (-fee) Regardless best of luck in your events & very nice run in the the WSOP ME.

AllInAt420 (10 years ago - 20 Jul 2011 02:23 UTC)

Dark_Matter_13 – Sheets/Bax had no piece of the original entry, and therefore it’d make no sense for them to pay $5k if they’d have to split the winnings with investors who paid no piece of the second entry. This is not a rebuy tournament where I can take both entries at once, so the funds can never be mixed. I agree that it was an awkward situation, but the Bellagio making a last-minute decision to allow re-entries made it impossible for me to factor it into the way the package was designed.

As far as the strategy being different with re-entries, I’ll say that it’s true to an extent but that it’s very different than a rebuy tournament, especially in a small field that has many tough spots. I wouldn’t just gamble it up so that I could rebuy if I bust, just like I won’t multi-table events @ WSOP because I refuse to piss away equity even (and in a way, especially) when a bunch of the money belongs to investors.

Luckbox 1608 – correct


Event 4 – No-Limit Hold’em Jun 02 $5,000 – BUSTED

Event 7 – Pot-Limit Hold’em Championship Jun 03 $10,000 – BUSTED

Event 13 – NL Shootout Jun 08 $1,500 – BUSTED

Event 14 – Limit Hold’em Jun 08 $3,000 – BUSTED

Event 18 – No-Limit Hold’em Jun 11 $1,500 – 273rd place, $3,153

Event 19 – Limit Hold’em Six Handed Jun 11 $2,500 – SKIPPED, REFUNDED

Event 24 – No-Limit Hold’em Shootout 2,000max Jun 14 $5,000 – BUSTED

Event 26 – No-Limit Hold’em / Six Handed Jun 15 $2,500 – BUSTED

Event 28 – No Limit Hold’em Jun 16 $1,500 – BUSTED

Event 38 – NL Hold’em Jun 22 $1,500 – BUSTED

Event 39 – Pot-Limit Hold’em/Omaha Jun 22 $2,500 – SKIPPED, REFUNDED

Event 40 – No-Limit Hold’em Six Handed Jun 23 $5,000 – BUSTED

Event 46 – No-Limit Hold’em Six Handed Championship Jun 27 $10,000 – BUSTED

Event 48 – No-Limit Hold’em Jun 28 $1,500 – 8th place, $63,032

Event 50 – No-Limit Hold’em Triple Chance Jun 29 $5,000 – SKIPPED, REFUNDED




BELLAGIO CUP POSTLIM Jul 18 $5,180 – BUSTED (Was a re-entry event, busted this entry and mincashed my re-entry when playing the event for Sheets/Bax. Noted in comments above that I was playing the first entry in the package and may re-enter playing for Sheets/Bax if I busted prior to entering the event.)

Total amount of buy ins before refunds = $80,080
Total amount of refunded buy ins = $26,900
Total amount of refunded buy ins with markup = $34,970
Total amount of cashes = $66,185
Cashes + refunds with markup = $101,155

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