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acoimbra - Custom Event - First 5 Wcoop main event Step 6 in September

Tournament information
Other Custom Event
Buyin $10,500 ($USD)
Start Date: 01 Sep 2009 07:03 (EST)
01 Sep 2009 12:03 (Europe/Lisbon) Preview
(Finished Date: 03-Sep-2009 (EST))
Share details
$53.00 per share (0.50%)
price/value 101%
Shares Available? 143 (71.5%)
Shares sold 57 (28.5%)
Player share 0%
Player payment options PokerStars
Share Graph Event 31780
Cash Winnings: $12,800.00
Winnings per share: $64.00 Return on Investment: 20.75%

 I've been grinding steps for a while and have been table selecting step 6 tournaments very carefuly and have a 9.33% roi so far at those in a 8 tournaments sample. My bankroll is not big enough to play those tournaments, so I've decided to sell a share of them in order to reduce the variance and I'm selling small shares to allow everyone to be part of this.

 Each step 6 is a 9man tournament with $2100 buy-in and this prize structure:

$5200 $5200 $5200 $1200 $1200 0 0 0 0

These shares will be for the first 5 step 6s I play on September at pokerstars.


The shares are for sell until the end of August


Too many shares to show pie chart.

Buyer Number of stakes Percentage Status Action
open143 (0.5% each)71.5%open
Reserved (acoimbra)3919.5% Reserved
Reserved (thalai)10.5% Reserved
 14371.5%openshare buying finished
CasperPT [profile]10.5%sold 
Manhat10ite [profile]10.5%paid out 
Negush [profile]10.5%paid out 
Negush [profile]136.5%sold 
16/159 sold 
Player share - acoimbra [profile]0%Unavailable 


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